Tip for a New English Teacher

Tip for a New English Teacher

​Are you a fresh graduate teacher?

What is your speciality? Foreign language?

What kinds of language? English?

Are you stuck with your teaching method?

Well, students are sometimes troublesome. They sometimes do not know about our way of thinking. And they have some trouble with our teaching method. Especially for foreign language learning. They have been raised with their mother tongue and it is quite difficult to make them learn a new language since they are not on their golden age anymore. But there is a way.

Teaching foreign language is not as easy as look. Especially for those who use another language except English for their second language. For example in Indonesia, kids usually use their local dialect as their mother tongue and Indonesian as the second language. But how about English?  It become their foreign language and we call it as English for Foreign Language (EFL). As the students grow, they will mastery of their first and second language. And when they learn another language, they will get troubled because they never applied that language before. Different with Malaysia or Singapore, they use English for their second language. So it’s easy to them since they know English since they were kids. 

The teachers need to use two or more languages as strategies to deliver material in EFL classroom interaction (Mujiono,2016:22). By teach them using this method, the lesson will be understood easily. For example (Mujiono, 2016: 19-20):

 T: Okay, now let‘s study about describing people, Please open your book at page

ninety eight

S: (noisy and talk each other)

T: hello, hello, jangan ramai sendiri, coba apa yang saya sampaikan barusan (‘don‘t be noisy, what did I say just now‘)?

S: (silent)

T: makanya jangan ngomong sendiri, perhatikan ya (‘so, don‘t talk by yourself, please do pay attention!‘)

S: Yes Sir,

T: Okay, I repeat once more, please open page ninety eight. Open please. Have you done it? 

S: Yes Sir,

T: well, and then please choose the correct description to describe the person in the picture dalam gambar ini (‘in this picture‘), and you boleh pilih lebih dari satu (‘you may choose more than one‘), okay

S: Okay sir,

By using two or more language, the students will be understand about what we talk about. They will understand with our mixed language. For them, in order to know about what we said in English, they have to translate it into Indonesia first. Then to answer it, they will answer it on their mind, translate it into English, and speak it out in English. What a struggle for EFL students!.

From my experiences, learning English is not as difficult as look if the students have a will to learn it. They will make it fun, as easy as possible to be understood. And in the end, they will apply it on their daily life so they will not forget about what they have learned. They will apply it, learn what is the correct one, improve their ability, and in the end they will mastery of it. So, step by step, they will be able to close to the use of their English as their foreign language.

As an English teacher, it is essential to be patient as much as possible. Students have a lot of background of their language in their each lives and it is impossible to know it in detail one by one. But at least, we must know what are their difficulties, how is the solution, and support them to be more energetic. 

We, as a teacher is not like Koro-sensei (Ansatsu Kyoshitsu) who know the potential of  all their bunch of students in detail. As if all of the teachers are like him, it would be great!

Author: Stella Steviena Caecilia Florentina (140402010035)